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Here is a list of the predominant courses which most of our subscribers subscribe into:


Daily Trader 

The Daily Trader is a 1 year course where you could learn how to trade for a year.

This course covers a lot of trading techniques such as the Kangaroo Tails, using your charts, when is the best time to trade and a lot more.

You could also learn a lot of techniques and strategies from Mr. Peters, Mr. Darren and Mr. Jorge as well

Here is a list of the videos that you will receive once your signed-up for the 1st month: (This is an actual list of the videos 30 out of 365 videos)

  • Day 1: Change Brokers, Make More Money?
  • Day 2: Three Reasons Why Traders Fail
  • Day 3: What is Your Niche?
  • Day 4: The First Touch Trade
  • Day 5: Finding Long-Standing Trends
  • Day 6: Ghost Peaks and Valleys
  • Day 7: How to Get Better
  • Day 8: S/R Zones the Easy Way
  • Day 9: Random Entries + A Very Good Exit
  • Day 10: An Exit Strategy
  • Day 11: Find a Boss
  • Day 12: A Fresh Perspective
  • Day 13: The Advantage of Buy Stops and Sell Stops
  • Day 14: Price Peaks and Indicator Peaks
  • Day 15: *NEW* - The Bend Trade
  • Day 16: How to Measure Risk
  • Day 17: Why Exits Matter Most
  • Day 18: Professional Traders and Athletes
  • Day 19: Parabolic Trends
  • Day 20: Defending Your Account
  • Day 21: The Very Best Kangaroos
  • Day 22: It's Just "More Confirmation"
  • Day 23: Getting Mad or Getting Even?
  • Day 24: Back Testing Cheats
  • Day 25: Reasons Why You Will Make Money
  • Day 26: THE DROP -- How to Trade Trendlines
  • Day 27: Is the Market Missing Your Profit Targets?
  • Day 28: Capturing Huge Winners
  • Day 29: When the markets do not move...
  • Day 30: 5 Ways to Better Trading

Also, you will receive videos from Mr.Peters, Mr. Darren and Mr. Jorge every day so you could keep up with the latest Trading trends.

And also You will be eligible for a Forum Acc. (Naked Forex PRIVATE FORUM)



The Naked Forex Private Forum is a forum where you could meet and learn from other members (traders) as well. (Other than Mr. Peters, Jorge and Darren)

The Forum offers a wide range of Trading strategies and courses from the Fxjake as well.

Here is the list of available courses in the forum:

  • Free Money Trade
  • Firsty Trade
  • Acapulco Trade Course
  • You Get What You Trade For
  • Naked Forex Profits Course
  • Daily Trader
  • Forex Tester Course
  • Pro Trader Course
  • How to Trade for Naked Forex Profits Course

Podcasts, Webinars, Trading Psychology, Back Testers, and Trading Setups are also available.

You could also ask your co-traders when you're figuring out these courses.


Personal Trading Program

The Personal Trading Program is a 52-Day program where you could learn how to trade with Mr. Peters.

You will not receive any other trading techniques like Mr. Jorge's and Darren's in this program.

Here is the list of the topics that you will cover for the first 10 Days:

  • The Contract
  • Forex Manual
  • Who Are You?
  • The Cycle
  • The Trader's Tool
  • Your Trading Style
  • Your Progression
  • The Trader's Pyramid
  • Timing Trades
  • Finding Zones
  • Trading Setups

The Pro Trader Webinar Series I and II, The firsty trade webinar and Free Money Webinar is also available.

Also, you will receive updates from Mr. Peters 3-4x in a week so you could keep up with the latest Trading Trends.


Naked Forex Profits Course

The Naked Forex Profits Course is a course where collected webinars are compiled which could help you how to trade better.

Here is a list of what webinars are available in it.

  • How To Trade Naked
  • Trading The 3rd Degree
  • Trading The Sword
  • Trading Double Tails
  • How To Trade The Pogo
  • How To Trend Trade Naked
  • Risk Management
  • How To Find An Ideal Exit Strategy
  • 9 - Q&A Session

Also, here is a video presentation on what more you could get from this course.


Acapulco Trade Course

Click here for the information video.



If you want to ask of an information of a course which is not listed here you may contact us at ask@fxjake.com

Want some course recommendation that would suit your trading style? You may ask Mr. Peters himself at wp@fxjake.com

Note: The course/s that are listed here are ONLY THE PREDOMINANT courses which MOST of our subscribers subscribe into. There are a lot more courses which aren't listed here. (If your are already a subscriber of the Fxjake, a list of courses are available in the upper right of your dashboard. Click the tab which says "CATALOG" and you'll be able to access the courses that we offer)

BOTTOM LINE: A starter at trading? or Trying out the Fxjake? Try the Naked Forex Forum or the Daily Trader. They are great choices for starter, intermediate and advanced. You could access a wide range of trading programs there and it will be  A LOT CHEAPER than buying each of the program available.


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