What are the courses available and where could I sign up for them?

Welcome to the FxJake! 


We are glad that you are interested on signing-up on one of our courses!

These are the lists of some of the courses we offer. 

Personal Trading Program

Personal Trading Program on 3 Payments 

Daily Trader Monthly 

Daily Trader Annual  

2e Trading System with Jorge

2e Trading System with Jorge (Silver)

2e Trading System with Jorge (Gold)

2e Trading System with Jorge (Platinum - Lifetime)

Forex-Acapulco Trade

FxJake Jump Sunday Webinar


Naked Forex Profits Course (2015)

Naked Forex Profits Course (Platinum - 2015)

Naked Forex Profits Course (Early Bird Special)

Naked Forex Profits Course (Early Bird - Platinum)

Naked Forex Profits (Platinum)



- There is a special price for PT members on the Private forum. Ask more 

about it on ask@fxjake.com

- Daily Trader comes with a forum login.

- There are a lot more courses available but these are the PROMINENT courses which our most subscribers subscribe into. If the course you are looking isn't here, you may contact us at ask@fxjake.com


Have more questions? Mail it on ask@fxjake.com and we'll gladly assist you.



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