What's the Difference between the Daily Trader and the Naked Forex Forum?

What is the Daily Trader?

The daily Trader is a 1 year course where you could learn how to trade for a year.

A set of 90 videos will load for you every three months in a year.

And you will also receive daily updates from Mr. Peters every month during your

subscription so you could keep up with the latest trend in trading.

And also, a forum account will be provided.


What is the Naked Forex Forum?

The Naked Forex Forum is a private forum for paying subscribers of Mr. Peters.

A wide range of trading techniques are offered, Monthly Trading updates are

also available and learn and meet from your other co-traders as well!

Mr. Jorge and Darren's trading techniques are available as well...

However, a Daily Trader account is not provided since it can already be found

on the forum, the Daily Trader course.


So what's the difference between them?

Nothing really, they are just actually the same. 

It only depends on you where you'd like to subscribe.


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