What's the Difference between the Daily Trader (monthly) and Daily Trader (yearly)?

The Daily Trader is a one year program for people who wants to learn more about trading.
There are videos sent to you every three months (that's worth 90 videos in all)
Where Mr. Peters will teach you trading techniques.

Also, the videos are automatically sent out on the first month and every after 90 days.
These videos were made by Mr. Peters himself. (So, there isn't like robot or anything at all)

Also, when you subscribe on the DT you are eligible for a forum log in acc. where you may also access a range of trades and trading experiences from Mr. Peters, Mr. Darren and Mr. Jorge and as well as your fellow traders which has been learning since then from Mr. Peters and Co.

Also, there will be a weekly videos sent out for you so that you can keep up on the latest trading trends.
These videos are Usually sent by Mr. Peters, Mr. Darren and Mr. Jorge in wistia.

So what's the difference between the Yearly Trader and Monthly?

That is the mode of payment.

The Yearly Trade is you pay for a fee YEARLY
while on the Daily Trader Monthly is you get to pay for the subscription fee MONTHLY.

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